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Airtel To Provide Its Infrastructure To Worldwide App And Tech Companies

Bharti Airtel is getting ready for a larger enterprise play via its new data and cloud center strategy with the intention to become the nation’s biggest data center firm by offering its infrastructure to app makers and worldwide players such as Microsoft, amongst others. As fraction of this plan, Nxtra Data Ltd (Airtel’s wholly-controlled data centre unit) is aiming to install  10 new data centers with 4 being planned right away in Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

The data hub business anticipates huge demand from big cloud service providers and OTT (over the-top) content players, in the middle of a clamor for data localization. “We inked for big worldwide partnerships with all the big cloud firms. We are making an industry for the cloud. Some of the Big 4 are employing our services, while for some, we are providing services even if they are not using ours,” claimed chief executive at Airtel Business, Ajay Chitkara, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, Airtel smartphone users will now be capable of talking to Google Assistant for solving recurrent account related questions as the telecom company has incorporated its customer care with the AI-powered Google Assistant. Airtel claimed in a release that for now these functions are available in English but moving on, the firm will launch it out in various regional languages.

The function will permit Airtel consumers to ask questions associated to offers, balance, billing, and other recharge associated queries. Simultaneously, Airtel will carry on tracking what questions users are asking and enabling answers to them through Google Assistant. The telecom company has plans of rolling out various digital innovations with integration of Google Assistant being one of those.

“As fraction of our digital development journey, this is yet another innovation to make our customers stronger,” claimed director of retail and customer experience at Bharti Airtel, Sarang Kanade, to the media in an interview.

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