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China To Deploy AI Vision To Make Trucking Safe On The Go

China, the world’s largest automotive market, is increasingly interested in artificial intelligence solutions to make its roads safer. Vision, a leading Israeli group specializing in advanced artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry, has collaborated with Chinese telematics and GPS Exsun firm. The association is targeted to fix cargo and help meet commercial trucks with the new Chinese rules for crash caused by drowsiness and absence of concentration of driver.

According to the WHO, more than a quarter of a million people a year and more than 700 a day, are killed in traffic accidents. Millions of others are injured. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among Chinese people aged 15–44. Accidents involving large vehicles, such as trucks, are probably more serious or deadly. Truck accidents are mainly devastating owing to the weight of the vehicle. Truck drivers have long journeys and the lack of awareness of the driver may be lost or drowsy. According to the US Department of Labor, the truck driving is the deadliest job in America.

To address these new safety requirements, Exsun Vision and signed a multi-million contract to produce a driver monitoring system in the secondary market. The Computer Vision and camera of EyeSight will be part of Exsun’s telematics and fleet management solutions, installed in hundreds of thousands of trucks. The Vision technology follows the direction of the driver’s position look, pupil dilation, flicker frequency, and head to identify if the driver is sleepy, inattentive or distracted from the road.

Vision Computer uses the latest technology for the eyes of the driver, the pupil, to follow the blink rate and more to point out, if the driver is drowsy or distracted. The company is working with the Exsun GPS company to integrate this new technology into hundreds of thousands of trucks in China to alert sleepy or disturbed truck drivers.

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