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Man With Over 77 Pounds Cancer, Reported CBS Los Angeles

According to the report published by CBS Los Angeles, a man living in California had been continuously growing around his belly from the past four years. He noticed that his arms and legs were getting slim and his tummy was getting giant day by day. Now he has loosed more than 100 pounds of weight after identification of reason behind the additional weight that was a huge mass of cancerous tumor.

Hector Hernandez, who was seeking help in the month of July, regarding his extending tummy throughout the time even though he did not drink.

As per the HSC news, his family members insisted him to look for medical aid, and when his body was analyzed through CT scan, the reports revealed that a huge mass of tumor was found in his belly, which was later recognized as retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a type of cancer that start developing in the fat cells to be found in the abdomen. This type of tumor starts growing at the abdominal back, and after the certain growth, it starts pushing organs aside to compete for space.

William Tseng is an associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and a sarcoma expert, who has done abdomen surgery of Hernandez. He said that in his ongoing career of surgery, for the first time he has removed such a huge tumor of 77-pounds.

Tseng stated about the surgery in an HSC news announcement that the standard procedure to be followed in surgical oncology is to remove the complete tumor mass out of the body, but the huge tumor mass will most probably get expand and come in contact with different body organs along with blood vessels.

It took around 6 hours by Tseng to successfully complete the surgery, and after a week, Hernandez’s body came into proper shape.

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