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According To Googlers, The Company No Longer Places Values Over Profits

Google employees (also called as Googlers) are directing the company to call off project “Dragonfly,” an attempt to create a concealed search engine in China. In an open letter signed by Google employees on Medium, the employees stated, “Many of us agreed for employment at Google with the company’s principles in mind, counting its earlier position on Chinese censorship and scrutiny and a perspective that Google is a company prepared to keep its values above its profits. But after a year of dissatisfactions including project Dragonfly, Maven, and Google’s backing for abusers, we not any longer believe this is the scenario.”

Earlier 11 Google employees had signed the open letter during its posting and the number of signatures grew quickly, counting to over 100 in several hours after it was disclosed, the last update had 300 signatures in the letter. Project “Dragonfly” has pinched condemnation from human rights groups and US politicians since The Intercept first reported information regarding the internal effort and in August, many Google employees signed a letter stating that it lifted “moral and ethical issues.” Sundar Pichai—Google CEO—responded by reporting publicly that the company is “pretty early” in its plans but that its trials have found that it could “provide well over 99%” of search questions in China. In the meantime, John Hennessy—Alphabet’s Chairman—stated in the last week that doing dealing in China needs compromising “core values.”

Lately, Google was also in news for stating that its phone robot was not trying to trick people. Google had trouble with its AI system—duplex—that does phone calls on behalf of the user while sounding worryingly human, in the first demo back in May. The technology was utilized at “Google I/O,” which is the company’s annual developer conference, for doing a reservation at a restaurant. It worked well, except the robot doing the call, not at all stated to the unsuspecting human on the other end that they were talking to a robot and also, the call was being recorded. Later, this issue was resolved. Nick Fox—VP of Product and Design for Google Assistant—asserted that the company had always been set up on a revelation but had not incorporated it at I/O because Google “believed of it more as a technological demo.”

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