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China Is Assembling A $9 Billion Competitor To The American-Owned GPS

China is taking its competition with the U.S. to space by investing almost $9 Billion to construct a celestial navigation system and reduce its liability on the American-owned GPS (global positioning system) between increasing disputes amid the two countries. Location information beamed from GPS satellites are utilized by the microchip in dog’s neck, car navigation systems, smartphones, guided missiles, and all those satellites are managed by the US Air Force. That is making the Chinese government troublesome, so China is creating a substitute that a US protection analyst states one of the biggest space missions the country has undertaken.

Marshall Kaplan—Professor at the University of Maryland—stated that the Chinese administration does not want to rely upon US’s GPS. The BDS (BeiDou Navigation System), presently serving China and others, will be available worldwide by 2020 as a part of President Xi Jinping’s tactic to make China a global leader in upcoming generation technologies. Its execution reverberates via the corporate world as manufacturers of electric vehicles, semiconductors, and airplanes modify products to connect with BDS for doing business in the second-largest economy. Assembly of the recent constellation is advancing critical mass after the commencing of minimum 18 satellites in this year, counting three in present month. In recent times, China launched two additional BDS machines, increasing the number in functioning to more than 40. China designs to add 11 more by 2020.

Speaking of the BDS, recently, China was in news for adding up two satellites to its BDS. The satellites were introduced into space on a Long March-3B carrier missile from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre at Sichuan Province. The satellites invaded a medium earth orbit in more than 3 Hours and later would function with 17 other BDS-3 satellites, which are already in space. With the victorious launch, the basic BDS constellation operation is completed, the report stated.

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