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Epigenetic Therapies Might Trigger The Growth Of Aggressive Tumors

Cancer grows due to the buildup of mutations in our cells. These mutations are not spread consistently in our chromosomes, so some areas hold more as compared to others.

A research led by the IRB Barcelona (Institute for Research in Biomedicine) and posted in the journal Nature Cell Biology studied whether the unlocking of chromatin (a complex created by DNA linked to proteins) is the factor that decides the buildup of fewer or more mutations in given areas. The study suggests that the drugs employed to hold back epigenetic factors (whose function is controlled depending if the DNA is more closed or more open) might change the number and pattern of mutations that tumors build up, which can even be harmful for patients, claimed the scientists.

The research warns that extraordinary care must be taken when using these drugs since even though their anti-tumor impact might be helpful initially, it can activate the growth of more aggressive tumors moving forward.

On a related note, researchers have designed an AI system that can precisely detect small fragments of lung cancer in CT scans that radiologists frequently have a hard time to recognize. The AI system is almost 95% precise, in comparison to 65% when performed by human eyes, scientists claimed.

“We employed the brain as a model to generate our system,” claimed a doctoral candidate in the U.S. at University of Central Florida, Rodney LaLonde, to the media in an interview. The approach is akin to the algorithms that facial-recognition tool employs. It scans millions of faces seeking for a specific pattern to get its match. The group entered over 1000 CT scans into the program they designed to assist the device learn to seek for the tumors. They had to educate the computer about various things to assist it learn correctly.

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