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Facebook Demands A $640,000 Fine From UK’s Regulator

Facebook is demanding a $639,255.40 (£500,000) fine from the U.K.’s privacy regulator. The Financial Times reported that this fine was appealed over the allegations that the company failed in protecting the privacy of 1 Million UK users.

Facebook’s claim is formed on the detail that the U.K. ICO (Information Commissioner Office) found no proof that British data was circulated with Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the midpoint of a data scandal that shocked the company previously in this year. Cambridge Analytica was found of having Facebook data to focus users in the U.S. with political marketing to influence the 2016 presidential election. Anna Benckert—Facebook’s VP and Associate General Counsel in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East—stated in a statement that the conclusion means “the center of the ICO’s altercation no longer speaks about the events concerning Cambridge Analytica.” She further added that instead, ICO’s analysis challenges some of the fundamental principles of how people should be permitted to share data online, with suggestions which are far beyond just Facebook, this is the main reason the company has chosen to appeal.

Recently, Facebook was also in news as its policy chief admitted of hiring PR firm for assaulting George Soros and challenged the critics by announcing their involvement with the billionaire Jewish philanthropist. Elliot Schrage—Facebook’s departing Head of Communications and Policy—took the liability for recruiting Definers Public Affairs. Both Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have denied knowledge of Facebook’s hiring remarks to the press. Schrage clarified that the work on Soros was two-sided. After Soros illustrated Google and Facebook as a “menace to society” in the World Economic Forum’s speech held in Davos in January 2018, Facebook asked Definers Public Affairs to perform study as it “wanted to find if he had any monetary motivation.”

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