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Stem Cell Study Elevates Hope For Alzheimer’s Patients

A paper published recently in Nature Scientific Reports stated that implantation of neural stem cells in the brain of mouse model increased spatial memory and recognition, along with learning. Eva Feldman—a researcher at the University of Michigan—stated that it is possible to return those Alzheimer mice back to its natural cognition with the help of stem cells. The potential to use neural stem cells is an amazing breakthrough and is the best way to increase cognition in Alzheimer’s disease models.

Feldman further stated that there are some hopes since Alzheimer’s disease is not an orphan disease but it is a disease that is having an epidemic in the U.S. The research is 3 to 5 Years far from a clinical trial but the handling of stem cells in Alzheimer mice models gave Feldman’s laboratory a $3 Million grant in the last month from the NIA (National Institute on Aging) to continue the work. Lisa McGinley—assistant professor in neurology at the University of Michigan—stated that it is very exciting to see that this method could affect learning and memory in a model of the disease. The researchers are hopeful this could transform into a patient at some point. This research is one of the research projects happening around the globe in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, which is the sixth foremost cause of death in the U.S.

Recently, the NIA was also in news for stating that gut bacteria might lookout against diabetes that comes with aging. Losing one kind of gut bacteria might cause type II diabetes as people age. Old mice have fewer bacteria known as Akkermansia muciniphila than young mice, scientists stated in Science Translational Medicine. The loss of bacteria initiates inflammation, which finally causes cells to avoid signals from the insulin hormone. Such avert of insulin’s signal to receive glucose is known as insulin resistance and is a characteristic of type II diabetes.

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