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Red Planet Is The Next Space Bunker For Human Survival

Humans have to start looking for a plan B so as to avoid the fate of the dinosaurs. The other option of settling on Mars is not such a bad idea in comparison to facing the horrendous Earth calamities. According to top theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, the Red Planet proves to be one of the best options for survival and avoiding the extinction phase.

The physicist has put forth the conclusion that 99.9% of the life existing on the Earth will turn into fossil and completely vanish from the face of the Earth. The humanities fate is at risk and it is high time that the investment in the space travel has to be given a serious thought and find out means to reach and colonize on the Mars in the next few decades. According to Kaku, the dinosaurs could not make a space program that is why they could not survive the Earth’s disastrous effect. The prediction of its occurrence once again is sure to buck the researchers to look out for survival techniques and circumvent the catastrophic events. The way to avoid the total wiping off the planet is to start colonizing on Mars. The extinction is the norm set by the universe for checking the survival of the fittest. The Mother Nature is pure and cuddly and at the same time can turn out to be merciless wiping out everything that comes its way.

Kaku has stated a hypothetical process named terraforming wherein the surface and climate on Mars can be made suitable for human survival by melting the ice caps to warm up the planet which can be accomplished using solar satellites to focus sunlight on the caps. The greenhouse gas effect can be left behind if the Red Planet is transformed. According to him, the alien planet is an alternative to keep humans safe which is exactly similar to an insurance policy. At present, after years of researching, debating, and scrutinizing of endless locations on the Red Planet NASA team has chosen Jezero Crater as the landing spot for its Mars 2020 traveler.

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