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Tesla Uses Lyft Over Ambulance In Case Of Medical Emergency

As per the reports by Reveal— a podcast by the Center for Investigative Reporting—the recently opened one of the health clinics at Tesla’s manufacturing plant, Fremont is rejecting some employees care as an alternative to minimize employees injury reports. Not only this, another report alleges over the company that medical employees of Tesla are not permitted to call an ambulance without a doctor’s authorization. Also, the company prefers Lyft services instead of an ambulance for taking the injured employee to the hospital. The major reasons for choosing Lyft over ambulance are to cut charges and to reduce the part of public records.

The Reveal report mentioned that in the month of June the medical team of Access Omnicare was hired for Tesla’s health clinics. However, a Tesla spokesperson responded by saying that only the main surgeon, Basil Besh belongs to Access Omnicare.

Basil Besh also stated that he and his medical team provide the treatment to the employees at Tesla’s clinics only and also said regarding 911 claim that Tesla’s medical employees have the power to call 911 at the time of employee going through critical conditions and injuries.

Carlos Villatoro, a spokesman for the California Medical Board said that the board has not yet validated the analysis. The results would be publicized only after the completion of investigations.

Tesla has recently announced its plan to enable its electric truck manufacturing in the next year and order for the truck has been pre-booked by Albertsons Companies—one of the major food and drug traders in the U.S. Vice president of transportation at Albertsons, Tom Nartker revealed in a press release that the company would set its task force for Southern Carolina for which it has ordered 10 all-electric Tesla Semi trucks.

Last year, Tesla announced that it would launch the trucks in two different variants including the 300-mile pricing $150,000 and 500-mile for $180,000.

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