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Microsoft Now Selling Amazon Echo Gadgets

Microsoft has now begun selling Echo devices by Amazon in its retail shops. Twitter consumer WalkingCat saw that Microsoft is trading the second generation Echo and newest range of Echo Dot. Both gadgets are available in Microsoft Stores and online in the U.S. The move comes after Microsoft forms an affiliation with Amazon to incorporate Cortana and Alexa, and previewing this function earlier in 2018.

Microsoft has been more and more aiming on Alexa integration and its Amazon partnership, all while Cortana has lagged this year behind its main rivals. The Xbox One now has support for Alexa, and Amazon has even rolled out its own app for Alexa Windows 10 to convey the digital assistant to all computers. Cortana now appears to be in an odd spot at Microsoft, with the software manufacturer more and more pushing it towards more business-aimed regions such as chat bots instead of its original consumer-aimed roll out.

On a similar note, with few days left for the midterm elections in the U.S., Amazon’s Alexa will be capable of telling users data about polling information, voter registration timelines, and offer real-time election outcomes. After the election, Alexa will also be capable of giving more data on the result, comprising how many seats every party received, and data on particular candidates.

Alexa will be taking its answers from a couple of diverse associates that Amazon has joined hands with. In the days prior to the election, Alexa will be giving data on polling times and places, voter registration deadlines, and ballot data from Ballotpedia—a nonpartisan & nonprofit digital encyclopedia. On the day of election, Alexa will be reciting its real-time election news from the Associated Press, and will be capable of answering questions such as “Alexa, how is [candidate] doing in the election?” and “Alexa, who’s winning in [state]?”

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