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Microsoft Buys FSLogix To Improve Office 365’s Virtual Desktop Experience

In recent times, Microsoft publicized a virtual desktop solution that allows customers to run Windows 10 and Office 365 in the cloud. They cited many partners during the announcement that were operational on solutions with them. One of those partners was FSLogix, a Georgian virtual desktop startup. Lately, Microsoft declared that it has purchased FSLogix; however, the purchase price has not been shared.

Brad Anderson—Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Office 365—and Julia White—Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure—stated that FSLogix is a latest-generation app-provisioning platform, which decreases the time, resources, and labor needed to support virtualization. In September, when Microsoft announced the virtual desktop they named CloudJumper, Citrix, Liquidware, Lakeside Software, ThinPrint, People Tech Group, and FSLogix as collaborators working on solutions. Actually, the company felt a need to own one of those experiences and so Microsoft acquired FSLogix. Microsoft considers that by including the FSLogix solution, it will serve a better virtual desktop experience for its users by giving faster load times and better performance, especially for Office 365 ProPlus users. Randy Cook—Founder and CTO at FSLogix—stated that the acquisition was appropriate considering how well the two companies have functioned together in the last couple of years.

Recently, Microsoft was also in news for teaming up with Facebook for artificial intelligence software. Microsoft has created open-source software for designing artificial intelligence models. But in recent few months, the company has changed its course, picking to work more directly with Facebook and add to the development of Facebook’s own feature of free artificial intelligence software. Microsoft has not made a big fuss about the development. But it shows an eagerness to support software that comes from other top technology companies, instead of focusing only on its own platforms.

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