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Smiling Face Found In Space By NASA’s Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has recorded a creation of galaxies that appear similar to a smiling face, as stated by the US space agency. In a picture broadcast to NASA’s site, 2 yellow orbs can be observed on top of an arc of light, picturing a smiley face in the center of a sea of stars.

As per NASA, the light arc is a galaxy whose structure has been deformed and extended on account of passing an enormous gravity source. NASA said, “The arc-shaped galaxy has the typical figure of a galaxy that has been lensed gravitationally—its light has exceeded close to a gigantic object while traveling to us, causing it to turn into stretched and distorted out of shape.”

The smiling face was captured with the WFC3 (Wide Field Camera 3) of Hubble Space Telescope and is situated in the galaxy cluster SDSS J0952+3434. The strong telescope shot this picture in an attempt to comprehend how new stars bounce to life all over the cosmos.

The WFC3 is capable if viewing far-off galaxies at an exceptional resolution—sufficiently high to find and study areas of star formation inside them. On October 26, the Hubble Space Telescope got back to normal operations after successfully recuperating a backup gyroscope that had substituted a broken one 3 Weeks earlier.

Hubble, initially needed to last 15 Years, has now been at the front of scientific discovery for over 28 Years. The squad anticipates the telescope will prolong to yield astonishing discoveries well into the coming decade.

Apart from this, the ESA also recently released an image named as “Bat Shadow in the Serpent’s Tail” captured by Hubble. The peculiar picture shows a fraction of a star-forming area known as the Serpens Nebula, which resides in the Serpent constellation’s tail. It is habitat to a young star known as HCD 672 that has a thick protoplanetary disk of dust and gas around it.

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