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Oracle’s Former Executive To Carry Forward Google’s Cloud Business

Diane Greene recently declared that she was quitting from Google’s cloud business after running for 3 Years. She will continue to reside for 1 Year to help Thomas Kurian—her successor—in the switch. Kurian has left Oracle at the September-end after being with the company for over 20 Years and currently is charged to make Google’s cloud unit more project-friendly, an aim that has strangely eluded the company.

In 2015, Greene was promoted on board to bring some arrangement and venture savvy to the company’s cloud commerce. While Greene helped to move them along that path and increased the cloud business, it surely has not been enough. There have been speculations for months that Greene’s span in the company was coming to an end. So the torch is being transferred to Kurian, a man who invested over 20 Years at a company that may be exactly opposite of Google. Oracle has struggled to make the changeover to a cloud company, but Bloomberg stated in September that one of the grounds Kurian leaving Oracle was a difference of opinion with Larry Ellison—Oracle’s Chairman—over cloud strategy. As per to the report, Kurian wanted to make available Oracle’s software on public clouds such as Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Recently, Google was also in news for its report stating that digital economy of Southeast Asia’s will be increased three times to $240 Billion by 2025. It might sit in the shade of India and China, but technology has a prime growth probability in Southeast Asia. Home to almost 650 Million people, the region’s digital financial system is predicted to get three times in size and reach to $240 Billion in the next 7 Years, as per to Google’s third “e-Conomy SEA” report. The yearly study, which is authored by Google and Temasek—Singapore sovereign fund—is possibly the most wide-ranging research program for technology in Southeast Asia. This research has raised its evaluation for the size of the digital wealth in 2025 starting from $200 Billion after considering the region reach “an inflection state.”

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