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Apple CEO Clarifies Why It Gets Billions From Google Despite Privacy Concerns

Recently, Tim Cook—CEO of Apple—during a keynote speech in Brussels, spoke out against the privacy practices of big technology companies, without pointing out directly. He stated, “We should not spin the consequences. This is observation. And this storage of personal information act only to develop the organizations that assemble them.”

Cook asserted, “This kind of situation should make us very confused and it should unsettle us.” His remarks were directly pointed at Google and Facebook, the two largest technology companies who gain most of their profits from advertising based on users data. Both the companies have struggled a civic reckoning over their users’ privacy practices in the last several years. But that has not blocked Apple to work with the companies it conflicts with. Google’s and Facebook applications are obtainable in Apple’s “App Store,” for instance, Apple gets billions of dollars per year from Google, so Google can be by default the search engine in Safari web browser.

Recently, Apple was also in news for its agreement with A24—Oscar-winning production company—for making original movies. Apple has signed a multi-year contract with A24 to create or produce films for the company, sources common with the agreement told to CNBC. The movie pact comes as Apple is rising up its venture into original content. The company programs to give away free TV shows and movies to Apple users sometime in next year, which is a part of a tactic to develop consumer loyalty. A24 is critics’ favorite and critically acclaimed, releasing many Academy Award-winning films counting “Amy,” “Room,” “Moonlight,” and “Lady Bird.” The media company based in New York was begun in 2012. Lately, the terms and conditions of the agreement were not disclosed. Other companies and individuals scheduled to make content for the forthcoming Apple offering comprise Oprah Winfrey, Sesame Workshop, and a reboot of “Amazing Stories” that will be made by Bryan Fuller and Steven Spielberg.

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