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Microsoft Wishes To Place Ads In Windows Email

It is awful enough when your email inbox gets swamped with promotions and subscriptions you forgot you ever subscripted up for. But now Microsoft is mulling over injecting ads straight in your inbox. As per Aggiornamenti Lumia (Windows news site), the beta edition of the firm’s Windows 10 Mail client has been positioning ads right at the inbox’s top. However, the firm has since switched off the feature and states that it was just a test.

In a now-eliminated FAQ page on support website of Microsoft, the firms clarifies that it was conducting pilot program experimenting ads in Mail. The test nations comprised Canada, Brazil, India, and Australia. According to the support paper, the ads were seen on Windows Pro and Windows Home but not Windows EDU or Windows Enterprise. Ads were shown on “non-work accounts” set up via the mail, comprising Gmail,, and Yahoo Mail accounts. Consumers who have a subscription for Office 365 (that has a price tag of $70 per year or $7 per month) connected to their email address will not be shown theses ads.

Speaking of ads, Google earlier claimed that it will permit specific regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise in Japan and the United States, slackening a previous ban on all cryptocurrency advertisements. The modifications will take place next month and advertisers will require to be licensed with Google for the nation where the ads will come into view, the search engine behemoth claimed to the media in an interview.

The firm claimed in March 2018 it will ban ads for initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies, beginning June 2018. Google’s deed follows an analogous decision by Facebook Inc. The social media behemoth has permitted specific ads marketing cryptocurrency and associated content from earlier-approved advertisers, while barring those associated to initial coin offerings and binary options.

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