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Verizon Productively Tested 5G On The Moto Z3

Verizon just took a huge step towards 5G: the firm declared that it has productively experimented on the Moto Z3 with a commercial, proper 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) network. This is a real-world 5G test conducted employing a functional handset with the “real” 5G measures.

As per Verizon, the test was performed with the help of a Moto Z3 with the committed 5G Moto Mod attachment. The firm productively tested making a video call on 28 GHz spectrum band of Verizon and browsing the Internet, making this the first actual 5G trials in the mmWave region to be conducted on actual user hardware.

Verizon boasted the achievement with a gallingly terrible image, which appears carefully shot to avoid any glance of the 5G Moto Mod (or whatever model of the final item the firm is employing). But there is a 5G logo present in the status bar, for anybody who wishes a first look at the future tech.

On a related note, Verizon earlier declared that it concluded a call with a 5G test handset in Minneapolis on its commercial 3GPP 5G NR network. The firm claimed that phone employed non-standalone Option 3x core by Ericsson and integrated RF subsystem & Snapdragon X50 5G modem by Qualcomm, operating on 39 GHz spectrum made by Verizon. A representative of Verizon claimed that the device was created by Qualcomm.

The news is significant taking into consideration that Verizon along with the rest of the country’s primary wireless network providers are pushing to roll out commercial mobile 5G offerings in the months to come. A successful test call shows that these efforts are heading in the right direction. Indeed, this recent news builds on Verizon’s earlier trials, comprising its end-to-end and over-the-air transmission of data in Washington, D.C., on a commercial 3GPP 5G NR network employing commercially setup radio gear by Nokia.

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