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3 Volkswagen Factories In Germany To Be Used For E-Vehicles Production

Volkswagen will turn three German factories into the production facility of electric cars so that the production of cars devoid of local emissions increases prior the more rigorous European emission standards are adopted, the company announced on Wednesday.

Volkswagen, based in Wolfsburg, announced on Wednesday that it would start local production of electric vehicles at its facilities in Hanover and Emden in 2022. The factory in Zwickau was previously designated for the production of electric cars.

VW Chief Executive Herbert Diess said in talks earlier this week that the company had made arrangements for the purchase of batteries and prepared to build 50 Million vehicles electric.

Volkswagen’s chief of staff Gunnar Kilian said workers had a job guarantee by 2028 but that the company would try to reduce jobs in a socially responsible way” as electricity demands less output.

Automotive analysts will require adding electric cars to their sales offerings to meet up the new EU rules on greenhouse gas emissions from 2021. Volkswagen and other automakers bet heavily on diesel models, allowing strict limits on carbon dioxide emissions, a greenhouse gas, says a global warming scientist.

However, sales of diesel in Europe corroded since Volkswagen was caught using software to test counterfeit of diesel emissions and more than 28 billion euros in fines and penalties. Subsequent investigations of diesel technology showed that vehicles from other manufacturers produced more nitrogen oxide contamination during steering than during the tests. The EU introduced new testing procedures to gauge emissions under daily driving conditions.

While sales of diesel plunging, automakers are turning to electric vehicles to meet new CO2 limits, although consumer demand is sluggish due to higher costs and lack of convenient charging stations. Battery-powered electric cars accounted for 0.6% of motor vehicle sales in the EU last year.

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