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Tesla Buys Trucking Firms To Make More Deliveries

Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) this week tweeted that the electric car manufacturer had “acquired trucking capacity.” This is a decision aimed to augment deliveries of its Model 3 cars before the federal tax credit starts to unwind before December 31, 2018.

At first Musk did not clarify what “acquired trucking capacity” indicated. The firm has not published any regulatory filings of an acquirement and Tesla has yet to answer to the media’s inquiry on the issue. Musk later posted on Twitter that Tesla had both bought trucking firms and locked deals with primary haulers to prevent trucking shortage issues that occurred in previous quarter.

It is imperative that Tesla takes on as many sales as it can before the year ends. The federal electric car tax credit offers users a $7,500 credit when they purchase an all-electric car. Once a car manufacturer has traded 200,000 electric cars, the credit starts to unwind.

On a related note, earlier Tesla unveiled the prototype of the electric truck. Its production will begin from 2019. The company has introduced a roadster car as well. These were presented by Musk at the US-based design studio.

Tesla claims that the semi-electric truck is capable of attaining the speed of 0 to 100 Kilometers per hour in just 5 Seconds. Up to 40 Tons of weight can be carried on this truck. With a high payload capacity, it can move at the speed of up to 100 Kilometers per hour.

Musk claims that this truck is the safest and comfortable truck. Its price is yet to be disclosed. Compared to diesel-powered trucks, the expenditure for 1 Kilometer distance is less than 20%. Once the charge is full, it can distance up to 800 Kilometers with maximum weight. And with the charge of 30 Minutes through a mega charger, it can travel up to 400 Kilometers.

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