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Over-Optimism On China, Daimler To Construct Another R&D Facility In Beijing

Daimler today announced plans to build a research and development center in China with a total funding of over 1.1 billion RMB. This marks the further expansion of the company’s presence in its larger market and will be its second major research and development center in Beijing, after the 2014 Mercedes-Benz research and development center.

The research and development center, located at the local production center of the Beijing Benz Automotive Co (BBAC), will assist Daimler to speed up the localization of new Mercedes-Benz products in China. It intends to start activities in 2020, the proximity of the R & D technology center with the production center will enable an integrated concept of local production and R & D to make the facility the center of technology research and development and testing, to create new energy vehicles, chassis, emissions, powertrain, and air quality in vehicles.

The Daimler R & D Tech Center China, with a gross floor area of 55,000 square meters, is comprised of a test building and an office building. The office building with dining and social spaces accommodates up to 600 employees, while the two-story test building includes a depot and a parking space for 250 tested vehicles.

It contains a wide variety of ultra-modern testing facilities for testing components and global vehicles, ranging from electric propulsion and motorization loading, noise chassis, indoor air quality, vibration and harshness (VH), and a consolidated workshop for all functions, including endurance test, and extensive vehicle. The new test labs have the capability to execute a wide range of basic to intricate tests such as thermodynamics, system calibration, and durability. The facilities will be integrated with weather simulations and road simulators, making the test as accurate and optimized as possible.

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