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Casualties From Liver Cancer Tripled In Last 20 Years Across The U.K.

According to a new study, more people are being identified with liver cancer and dying from it across the U.K. than earlier. The study was submitted during the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference. In the last 20 Years, from 1997–2016, the occurrence and casualties from the most ordinary type of the disease—HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma)—have surged three times and it is most widespread amongst the most underprivileged members of society. Dr. Anya Burton—Cancer Epidemiologist at Public Health England—stated at the conference, “The prevalence of HCC across England is rising rapidly and it has tripled in the last 20 Years. The occurrence of cirrhosis—mainly advanced cirrhosis—in several patients indicates treatment choices are seriously limited. The findings of our study emphasize the urgent need to address preclusion strategies for liver disease and HCC specifically.”

Dr. Burton and his colleagues are part of the HCCUK/NCRAS (Hepatocellular Carcinoma UK/National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service), which is a partnership that was formed in 2017. The NCRAS—which is part of Public Health England—assembles and maintains information on tumors, patients, analysis and treatment of cancer, which the investigators are analyzing through the corporation to undertake an extensive range of research in this increasingly ordinary cancer. The latest findings were for England, but the scientists are working with others in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to generate UK-wide data. They disclosed that 62,125 cases of primary liver cancer—cancer originating in the liver—were identified in England from 1997–2016. Out of these, about 48% were HCC, 38% were iCCA (intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma), and 14% were unknown or other rare subtypes.

On a related note, recently, a study showed that high rates of liver disease advancement and mortality reported in patients having NAFLD/NASH (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease/non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). The study was presented at The International Liver Congress 2019 in Austria and reported that in 10 Years of analysis, at least 11% of patients having NAFLD/NASH had developed to advance liver diseases and about 27% of patients having NAFLD/NASH and CC (compensated cirrhosis) had developed liver decomposition.

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