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Amtrak’s Nonstop Acela Service Would Expand Beyond New York

Amtrak has decided to expand its nonstop Acela service that had been introduced on the Northeast Corridor. The plans for expanding the short-haul passenger service are being viewed on a national scale. For now, the Acela service provides a one-round trip to New York’s Washington Union Station and Penn Station. However, the company plans for nonstop trains in New York during the peak hours. The expansion is believed to be extended between New York and Boston South Station. The service will render nonstop train service for Northeast Corridor. The idea is believed to help every municipality touch the corridor.

The plan during the expansion is to include new trainsets with advanced interiors and these are believed to enter the services by 2021. The basic goal is to get the national railroad on firmer financial footing. In the future, Amtrak could self-fund its operations as the state and federal funding could be handed over to capital investments like tunnel being constructed under the Hudson River. The yearly operating loss of Amtrak was seen to have reduced to $29.8 Million during September compared to last year’s $171 Million. Amtrak plans to add frequencies between Chicago and Milwaukee followed by an increase in the flying and driving services throughout the US. The short-haul passenger has shown a growth of 2.5% year-over-year to 32.5-million trips in September. Northeast Corridor saw a 3.3% increase to 12.5-million trips.

Likewise, Amtrak had a flash sale on tickets for November travel. Using the 60% offer from L.A. to Albuquerque, N.M., on the Southwest Chief for just $29 for a single route. And for L.A. to Sacramento on the Coast Starlight one can travel for $30 each way. The sale is profitable for travel amid 15 long-distance routes nationwide from November 4 to November 24. The sale was applicable for only the price of adult coach seats that have electrical outlets and access to Wi-Fi.

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