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Flash Content Won’t Be Supported By Google Search

Google has declared it will discontinue backing Flash content within its Search as it readies to say goodbye to the multimedia software platform in the coming year. Google, if the web pages entail Flash content, will overlook that and standalone SWF files will also be not indexed by Search. In a blog post, Dong-Hwi Lee, the Google Engineering Manager, mentioned how omnipresent Flash was once—in 2013’s second half, the installation number of Flash runtime had reached to 500 Million.

Lee added, “Flash was the solution to the dreary static web, with loads of media, actions, and animations. It was a creative technology that motivated several new web content developers. It was ubiquitous.” Adobe, earlier in 2017, declared it would discontinue backing the once-productive technology as well as the search giant stated it would do away with Flash entirely from the Chrome web browser by 2020 end. Flash, on the Chrome variant 76, is already deactivated by default. In the meantime, Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft have also declared their intentions of retreating Flash in their relevant browsers.

Likewise, recently Google declared that Site Kit is accessible for WordPress users across the globe. It is a WordPress plugin that enables one to set up and organize Google services to obtain insights within their WordPress dashboards. Stats can be seen by users from PageSpeed Insights, Google Analytics, AdSense Google Search Console, all in a single place. As it is a plugin, site Kit does not need source code editing. Also, allocating roles and granting individual permissions can be done by site owners.

Earlier this year, Site Kit was released by the company in developer preview and states it has been installed by thousands of developers. There is a key dashboard that offers a high-level view of important alterations and how your site is found by users. Individual page reports display how particular material is performing.

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