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Google Slammed By Australian Regulator Lawsuit Over Collection Of Data

A lawsuit has been filed against Google of Alphabet Inc. by the consumer regulator of Australia filed a lawsuit. It alleges that Google deceived users about how it was gathering, hoarding, and utilizing private location information. The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) stated that for nearly 2 Years from Jan 2017, Google has been unsuccessful to inform Android phone users that they required to turn off 2 settings—instead of just 1—if they didn’t wish the firm to keep their details.

Rod Sims, the ACCC Chair, said, “We are filing a case against Google as we claim that on account of these on-screen images, Google has gathered, stored, and utilized highly valuable and sensitive private details about the location of users without them making a knowledgeable selection.” Recently, the ACCC demanded toughened privacy rules as part of a comprehensive revamp of the laws impacting global tech firms. The Australian government has declared intents to set up the foremost devoted office of world to monitor Google and Facebook Inc as part of modifications intended to control the US tech giants.

The ACCC stated the claims against Google focused on 2 Google Account location settings: Web & App Activity and Location History. The watchdog stated that the search giant didn’t make apparent that both settings required to be turned off to prevent the firm from gathering and utilizing information from either. It mentioned that in 2018’s second half Google further deceived users by recommending that the only means they could thwart the firm from gathering location data was to discontinue utilizing specific Google services, comprising Google Maps and Google Search.

On the other end, Facebook, following months of appeals, has settled on to reimburse £500,000 to settle resolve allegations that it defied the UK privacy rules by permitting Cambridge Analytica to access the private information of 87 Million users of Facebook.

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