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NASA’s Artemis Moon Program Draws More Countries As Potential Allies

There are so several nations keen to team up for NASA’s shove to the lunar surface that the alliance of 15 International Space Station nations might have even more firms for the emerging Artemis lunar project, as per the agency. Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, in a press conference, stated that at least 26 countries had already talked with him at the International Astronautical Congress about the Artemis lunar program and potentials for contributing. How everyone might contribute still requires to be conversed. However, NASA will probably work through contracts swiftly, as the organization is given the job of landing human beings in 2024 on the Moon.

The associations on the ISS have 3 governance levels, as per the European Space Agency (ESA). Among them, the main is an intergovernmental agreement between fifteen countries. That agreement was inked in Jan 1998, long before the expansion of private firms in space. How to house all these latest partakers is yet unidentified, but the space agency is discussing it with the interested firms, as said by NASA administrator.

Bridenstine also mentioned that the organization already has 700 contracts with several nations for space-exploration undertakings. However, he didn’t stipulate how those could be utilized for Artemis, apparently as the mission is still so new. One more upcoming amendment to international partnerships will take place soon at the ISS when commercial crew vehicles with astronauts aboard should soar late this year or early next.

Likewise, the possibility of another stopgap funding bill, one which can extend well into next year, is bringing up worries in the industry it could delay work on Artemis program of NASA to get humans once again on the lunar surface. NASA, together with the remaining federal government, is running under a CR (continuing resolution) that backs programs at FY 2019 levels.

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