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NASA Has Released Some Spooky Images Of Sun

It was Halloween and even the Sun had something for us. An image snapped by the US space agency makes the Sun look something similar to a “jack-o’-lantern face,” as said by NASA in a Facebook post. The spooky picture was initially snapped by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in 2014 from its space orbit, where it looks at the Sun always. NASA explains, “The active areas in the picture seem brighter as those are the regions that release more energy and light.” The 2 sets of ultraviolet wavelengths the image merges are usually colorized in yellow and gold “to generate a specifically Halloween-like facade.”

The agency, with the costumed holiday coming up, reposted the fairly creepy picture to social media. on Facebook, NASA wrote, “Even our star celebrates the spooky season.” The SDO that made it possible for the organization to snap the jack-o’-lantern-like Sun keeps an eye on the star almost 24 h a day. The operation intends to assist researchers to look at and comprehend how it impacts the space around it and Earth. The SDO, since its opening in 2010, has offered over 350 Million pictures to the agency and backed 3,000 research papers in relation to the Sun.

Likewise, even the Hubble Telescope recently speckled 2 galaxies having a collision, producing “a ghostly visage” in space. The potent space telescope—controlled by the European Space Agency, Space Telescope Science Institute, and NASA—captured the amazing picture of the Arp-Madore 2026-424 system situated at 704 million light-years far-off from Earth.

In a statement, ESA wrote, “The collision has pulled and widened the galaxies’ discs of dust, gas, and stars outward, creating a halo of strong star formation that outlines the system’s ‘face’ and ‘nose’ features.” It is deemed that the ring will remain for around 100 million years, to be trailed by the merging of the galaxies in 1–2 billion years.

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