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Department Of The Interior Stops Use Of Drone Fleet Over Security Concerns

The US Department of the Interior has stopped the employment of its 800 drones, which assist inspect federally protected land, observe endangered species, and deal with forest fires. As per media, David Bernhardt (Interior Secretary) summoned the fleet to be stopped this week owing to issues that the drones allow the Chinese government to spy on consumers. The units will stay vacant, save for any emergency instance, until possible security dangers are reviewed fully.

It is not clear if any specific network activity or behavior from the drones turned on alarms at the department or if they were stopped owing to the fact that DJI machines are created in China. The firm’s drones have been in the limelight for quite some time. As the media highlights, the Department of Homeland Security stated a couple of years back that DJI was “selectively aiming at the government and privately controlled bodies within these industries to extend its capability of collecting and exploiting sensitive US info.” Given those issues, it appears strange that the fleet might just now be stopped on the fact that the machines were produced by DJI.

On a similar note, the market-leading maker states that consumers can disable the internet connections of the units and that the Chinese government has never asked access to data of DJI. In an interview to the media, the firm claimed, “We have operated with the department to make a secure and safe drone solution that meets their rigorous needs, which was created over the span of 15 Months with independent cybersecurity professionals, DOI officials, and NASA experts.”

While national security is clearly essential, it appears like only a case-by-case probe might completely disprove or confirm any issues about spying by China. Yet, it would not be possible to check every computer, drone, tablet, smartphone, and drive in employment by the government.

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